Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22 - took gift bags to the Nursing Home/Chipmunks

Yesterday I was suppose to take coffee or hot chocolate to a bell ringer and I was crazy busy and didn't get it done.  But I did get the bags taken to the Nursing Home (that was suppose to be today) so I will have to make up tomorrow when I'm out finishing up my shopping.

Tonight while Andrea, Baron, Addi, John and Vince went to the Colts game, Gigi and I went to the movies to see Chipwrecked.  I loved it and so did Gigi.  We love the Chipettes.   We had a great time and she stayed awake the entire movie.   Naps help a lot.

After the movie we made a quick stop at McDonalds and Gigi wanted her picture with Ronald. 

Having a Great Time at the Colts Game!!!!

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