Sunday, December 18, 2011


So far this is my favorite "giving day" so far.  I was busy today; finishing up my shopping and then Andrea and I made cookies for our 1st ever Cookie Swap Party.   I called John to say I was on my way home and he wanted to meet at Steak and Shake for dinner.  I said that was fine.  While I was sitting there I thought I would get a gift card and give it to someone who was eating there.  So after we paid I took a gift card over to a family that was busy eating.  I just said "Merry Christmas" and left it on the table.   At first they just said Thank you and then as I was leaving they were all waving at us through the window and as I drove away.  It made me feel good!

P.S.  I did get my toy dropped off today.  Thanks to Build a Bear for still collecting the toys.

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  1. That's awesome! It's amazing how making someone's day makes you feel great too!