Tuesday, December 27, 2011


As our family come in for the Holidays I'm overwhelmed with love.  I count my blessings everyday for my two beautiful daughters.  Missy, my oldest, who is the most organized, beautifully fashionable, big hearted person I know.   Andrea is the most creative, always excited, and unconditionally loving.   They are two of the best mother's I know.   My four grandbabies who make my day every single day.  Even if I don't see or talk to them, just a memory I have of something they said or just one of their goofy smiles.   Addison who doesn't always talk to me or hug me makes my heart melt.  He is my first and will always hold a special place in my heart.  I love to watch him act, sing and dance.  I love his toothless smile.    Molly my second is  so beautiful and is so excited to see me every time I go to St. Louis.  She is so imaginative in her play it is fun to just sit and listen to her.   I only wish she was closer to us.   Gigi my third is so extremely funny.  She cracks me up.  She is a diva and already ready for the runway.   Delainey bug is so sweet and smart.  She is 10 months and is already walking and in to everything.  She has the funniest faces and is so much fun to snuggle with.   If these 6 people weren't enough I have two of the greatest son-in-law's a person could ask for.  I'm so blessed that my daughter's have them and they are so happy.   I love all these 8 people so much and am so glad that I have that they are in my life.

John is definitely a roller coaster ride but is starting (finally) to even out.   He makes my laugh everyday. But I love him.   His son's Vince and Nick are amazing in their own rights.  Vince who I totally respect and am so proud of has made a success of his sales career.   And he and Caitlin, who is so fun and I hope to spend a lot more time with in the future,  have a great life in Houston, Texas.   Nick is still finding his way but he is the sweetest kid and loves to be around us.  He and his girlfriend Micah and fun to be around.

I also have to mention the best brother in the world.  I can't say enough how proud I am of him and how very lucky I am to have him.  His family, Sara, Ashley and Evan are amazing.  Sara has become a great friend.  Ashley, I'm sure will be on the news one day.  And Evan will be playing college ball and I can't wait.

My beautiful, sweet, loving MOM is the beginning of all this and the reason why my family is soooooo great.  I love you mom.  Thank you.

As you can see I count my blessings everyday and I am so happy to have them in my life.

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