Monday, November 28, 2011

What Makes Me Smile Monday - Shopping with my girls

Well like half of America my two girls and I go shopping on Black Friday and we can hardly sleep we are so excited.  This year I found a Living Social deal we couldn't pass up.  I bought a VIP pass for Black Friday.   This enabled us to have a special parking area (three spaces from the door) and we could leave and come back all day.  Of course, we ran out of spending money before we could come back.   Then we got wrist bands and they had a hospitality room where we could go in and pick up a goody bag with coupons, water and lots of treats.  You could check your coat, check packages and sit down, relax and plan  your shopping attack.    We had a great time.  We shopped and shopped and shopped.   We got free Chick-fil - a sandwiches for lunch.   And we got a lot of gifts for Christmas.   We had so much fun I'm just sad it is over.

Let me know what makes you smile today!

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  1. I am SOOO jealous!!! What a deal... Didn't have the money for Black Friday this year :( BOO!