Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh HAPPY DAY - DAY 5 - Refresh someone

Yesterday was not the best day for me when it comes to refreshing someone.  I wasn't exactly sure what they wanted us to do until later in the day.     We have a new teacher at school and she is so bubbly and happy all the time.  So I brought her a big chocolate chip cookie back from lunch and took her a Warren T-shirt.  She was beyond excited (so cute).  I told her what I had been doing all week and she wants to do it next week.   I said I would.   Oh I almost forgot, I went to McDonald's just to buy the persons order behind me and no one came.   I have never taken so long paying for my food.  :)

Then we went to the Harvest Auction and Dinner.  I love this night.  It is so fun to bid on the awesome baskets that they have every year.   Then to zero in on the one (or two) you really want and try to outbid without spending to much.  But the best part is that the money goes to help feed the hungry people in Hancock County.     I got two baskets but I can't tell what they are because they are Christmas presents and someone might read this.

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