Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today was the day to give a book to a friend.  I had originally thought I would give one of my favorite books to a friend at work.  But then I forgot to grab it when I left for work this morning.  So I decided, after I heard what Andrea got from a good friend, to e-mail a gift card from Amazon to a special friend.  I sent Cindy the gift card.  She was so happy and her e-mail Thank you made my day.

I know these pictures are bad but I took them of the computer.  

Then at lunch I decided to get candy bars for the kids who work for me.

I'm linking up to Joy's Hope and The Gambrel 4 to spread a little joy in the Oh Happy Day Challenge.

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  1. Thank you again. So in honor of one of your favorite books Pay It Forward, while I was in checkout line at Hobby Lobby lady behind me had some fabric so I had them put it on my ticket. She was surprised I would do this & when I explained what I had received earlier she was appreciative & said she would also pay it forward. Would love to know how many were touched because you shared an act of kindness with me.