Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our 1st Gingerbread Party

We had our first ever Gingerbread Party after our Thanksgiving Lunch.   I have been working on this party for a couple of weeks.  First we rolled out the dough and the girls got to cut out the Gingerbread Men.  Then we baked them.  Of course each of the 4 Grandbabies got a Gingerbread headband.   Addi didn't like wearing his and Delainey was asleep.   Then while the cookies were baking the kids all got Gingerbread beanie "men" that I made.  While I read them the story they acted it out with the GBM.   Then they did a Gingerbread Man craft ($1.00 at Target) that was perfect for 4 year olds.  And it was so cute.   Then it was time to decorate the cookies and eat them.   The decorating didn't last long.   But the cookies were good even with no icing.   I had as much fun as they did I loved it.