Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Recap of my October to do list

1.  Go to Pumpkin Patch

2.  Jump in the leaves
Looks like I have a leaf beard.   But it is proof.  LOL

3.  Sit on the Front Porch and read

4.  Make my front garden and plant flowers - DIDN'T GET DONE

5.  Buy new shoes

6. Go To or Watch a scary movie

7.  Go to an outdoor movie - DIDN'T DO

8. Dress up for Halloween

9.  Make Crafts for someone  -  I made these for the big girls in the family

10.  Try a new restaurant - Tommy Bahama's

11. Go to Apple Orchard - Went to Tuttles but were mostly there for Pumpkins

12.  Make a new dessert

13.  Follow a new blog weekly - I've been following Atlantic-Pacific a great fashion blog.

14.  Clean out a closet.  I know that it doesn't look that great but it looked a lot worse before.

15. Do Something Charitable

I'm making a T-shirt quilt to donate to the Treefest at the Warren Performing Arts Center. 

1 comment:

  1. I love your new Sperry's... Me and V are OBSESSED!!!!! CONGRATS on getting most things accomplished!