Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 9 - First taste of melon and picnic in the park

You'd think she liked it, not so much!

It was a little windy!

Gigi and I started the day out with trying to make melon balls. Gigi was so excited and when we were done couldn't wait to try it. And you would think by the picture that she loved it but NOT AT ALL! She said Mimi this is not good and spit it out. And that was the end of eating melon. Then we ran more errands to get ready for our trip to Hilton Head. Then we got our lunch and went back to the park. I ask Gigi if she wanted to try a different park and she said no she wanted to go to the same park with the big hill. We had so much fun. She loves running down the big hill and playing on the "see salt".

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