Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 3 - Visiting G-ma

What a cute Princess!

We love Grandma so much!!

I thought this was so cute that they made a tree out of wood.

Gigi loved this swing

Today Gigi and I went to see Grandma in New Castle. We left a little early and stopped by the park. Gigi really enjoyed playing with another little girl. She was the shark and the little girl ran from her. She loved it. Then we went to see Grandma and she surprised her with a little purse with pretend earrings. Gigi was so excited and couldn't wait to wear them. She loved playing outside at Grandma's house. I loved it because I went through her barns and brought home some antiques that add to my projects.

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  1. How fun! She loves spending time with her Mimi! She had a blast seeing grandma