Monday, October 17, 2011

What Makes Me Smile Monday - Gigi's birthday

Look how creative Andrea is!

What cuties....

Washing your hands before going in the kitchen. 

The tour..

Making pizzas

Gigi's adorable Olivia dress and apron

Chef Gigi

Making felt pizzas

Addi lost his tooth at the party

The presents

Blowing out the candles turned out harder than you would think

good cake

The guests

Sunday was Gigi's 4th Birthday party.  Andrea and Baron had her party at the California Pizza Kitchen.  The kids got to have a tour of the kitchen and then make their own pizza's.  They got a coloring book and then make a felt pizza while waiting for their "real" pizza's to cook.  The Pizza Kitchen and their management did a great job with the kids.  Andrea, as always did a great job.  She made apron's for each party goer and each one got a rolling pin and chef's hat.    All the kids had so much fun.  Gigi loved her party and had a great time opening her gifts.  They all loved eating the red and white polka dot cupcakes.  It was an amazing party.  I'm so impressed with the party and what a great job every did.  I'm so happy for my grandbabies and the wonderful parties they get to have each year.  I know that as they get older and see pictures and hear all the wonderful stories that these parties will mean even more.  Happy Birthday you make me smile everyday!

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