Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Start of our Birthday Weekend

Thirty Two years ago I received the best Birthday present I could ever ask for.  I gave birth to my daughter Andrea.  And ever since I have loved our birthday.  It is so nice to spend this special day with her.  So this year Andrea found out about this Food Truck Festival.  So on Friday night we all went.  It was really fun and a beautiful night.   The food was good but it was so fun to be downtown and see all the people and participate in all the activities.  They had a place where you could pick a small pumpkin and paint it.  Then they had a booth that you could get it and try to grab tickets.   If you got a dark blue ticket you could win tickets to see Max and Ruby (one of Gigi's favorite cartoons) at the Murat.  Gigi tried and almost got one.  So I tried and got two so Andrea and Gigi will get to go and see the show!!  It was a great way to start our Birthday Weekend.

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