Saturday, February 19, 2011

The taggy blanket for our new little one

I wanted to try to make one of these taggy blankets for Missy's new little one that will be born in only 1 1/2 weeks. I saw this on Crafting Chicks and wanted to try to make one. It is so soft and I hope she (we don't know the name yet) will like it. The Chicks were right I have enough supplies to make two more. So check it out it didn't take long to make it.


  1. We love it! Thank you so much! Baby "D" will love it!

  2. This is AWESOME!!! When Lacey was a baby she had a "Mimi" was a Mickey Mouse head with a blanket body and a TAG. She'd twist the tab between two fingers of her left hand while she sucked the thumb of her right. We went through THREE Mickeys before they discontinued them and she moved on to a Barney with a TAG. How awesome would it have been to just have a little blanket...with HOW many tags?? I love it.