Thursday, February 24, 2011

embrace the camera: and Happy Birthday Baron

My Mom, Me and Andrea embracing the camera!

Happy Birthday to Daddy Baron!

Today was Baron's 34th birthday. We met at BW3's for his dinner. My mom, Andrea and I took this picture for embrace the camera. Baron had 12 wings, beer and his favorite Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Mom, John and I got him a gift certificate for a golf course in Hilton Head. So I think he had a nice birthday. Gigi thought it was her and Baron's birthday. She told us all we had to sing for her. She also said that we couldn't have a party without hats. We messed up! Ha! Baron have a great year!!!

Check out Emily to see who is embracing the camera!


  1. you have a beautiful family! and happy birthday to him! looks like it was a fun time :)

    glad you joined us this week!

  2. DUH!! No party hats??? lol Gigi is TOO cute!