Thursday, February 10, 2011

#11 Wind Chimes for our Book Club Anniversary

We celebrated our 11th anniversay of the Read it and Eat Book Club on Wednesday at the Barking Dog Cafe. I love our Book Club and we always have so much fun getting together, eating and talking about our past book. We welcomed a new member, Michelle and announced that Jessica Hoffman is expecting baby #2. Andrea won Restaurant of the Year for 2010 for The Monon Food Company and Dawn won Book of the Year for The Glass Castle. It was Dawn's month to pick the book and the restaurant so she picked The Art of Racing in the Rain. In honor of our 11th anniversay I made everyone wind chimes hoping to brighten their days and look forward to spring.

Directions to make the windchime:
4" round or square wood topper
fishing line
metal #'s or letters whatever you prefer
1" round key rings

I painted mine with some little flowers but you could also just stain it

Drill five holes in the wood topper
tie fishing line on to each number and thread throught the holes and up to the round key ring. Continue that with all five making sure that they hang close to the same length so that they will make beautiful sounds when the wind hits them. And Enjoy!


  1. I love my wind chime! Thank you so much for making such a neat gift for us!

  2. I love mine, too. I'm so impressed with how they turned out. Way cuter than I expected. And, I EXPECTED cute!! ;-)

  3. These were so cute!! Thank you!! :)