Sunday, September 9, 2012


 I loved coming home to my fun new mug and Starbucks gift card which I was so excited when I got my first cheese danish in years.  It was heavenly.  

Thank you so much Steph!   Such a sweet note and I loved the cup.  And as you can see it matches my kitchen
 This is the mug that I sent!  
I had so much fun doing this.  I think it was a great idea.  It inspired me and some others to start a swap.  Look for my swap in October!!
Thanks @cuppakim for doing this.
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  1. california love. :)
    so awesome.
    and a starbucks gift card? fan. tast. ic.

    that little owl mug you sent is A. DOR. A. BLE.

    fun fun fun. all the way around.