Sunday, September 16, 2012


I am the JUST SAY NO/SADD sponsor at Warren Central High School and 
on Saturday we had an event downtown with State Farm Insurance.  It was an activity
to bring awareness to safe driving.  
We had around 40 students show up and participate in a Quick Click Challenge (a seat belt Chinese Fire Drill game), Subway Lunch and Cake along with a Corn Hole game.

 State Farm did such a nice job and were so great to work with.  A big Thank You for this
awesome opportunity for the WCHS Just Say No students.  

 Celebrate My Drive Cake
 A little Subway, a few chips and a very big cake.
 Having Lunch downtown and Chilling on the brick wall. 
 The Hoosier Helpers brought their Emergency Vehicle for the Quick Click Challenge!
 Getting ready to compete. 
 Most of our group.
Winners of the Quick Click Challenge

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