Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our Valentine's Party

Gigi helped me decorate the table. 

Gigi was showing her mommy the scrapbook she has been working on. 

Strawberry milk, YUM. 

I made Andrea and Missy this Valentine's wall hanging. 

Who loves The Chipmunks?  We Do!

Kissy Face........


John and I hosted a small Valentine's Party for us and The Gambrel's.   I had so much fun making some of the Valentine crafts.   The felt fortune cookies, the gum drop kabobs, and the arrow straws.  It was also fun to decorate with all the pinks and reds.  I love my little Valentine Tree.   We also played a "Wheel of Fortune" game but you landed on some "love" squares.  Like Kiss someone on the cheek, give some a booty bump, give someone a high five, and win a prize.  Then, of course, we had a heart photo booth.

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  1. I love all your crafts and holiday goodies! I can't wait to start a tradition like that when I have some babies.... I love all the things you do for the kids!!!! Such good family time!