Friday, February 3, 2012


On Sunday I watched the SAG Awards

Our live-in guest - Butler

Gigi's painting!

Gigi and I have been visiting the Library each week.  She loves it and we get 15 books each week. 
She can't wait to get home and read them.  The library has a really neat children's area and in it there is a cubby that is like the old time phone booths.  So she was in there and two little boys decided to join her.  One was climbing in the window and one through the door.  She didn't know what to do.  She was trying hard to get out nicely!  

My Nook;  I'm reading the 2nd Private book by James Patterson. 

This is my first time in doing Insta Friday and I am also doing the February challenge with my daughter.

I'm linking up with life rearranged InstaFriday.  


  1. Cute pictures! So, I want to follow you on Instagram. :)

  2. How is James Pattersons book? I LOOOVVE him and I haven't read that one yet!