Monday, January 30, 2012

My trip to St. Louis

She was a little thirsty.

What is this? 

I think it is yummy.  

The best part is the icing.  

 My Pretty Girl!

I had to include this picture because she always comes up and hugs your leg.  I love it. 

I am always excited to visit Missy and the family.  There is nothing better than pulling up to their house and Molly running as fast as she can in to my arms.  And now every time I visit,  Delainey has grown a little more and has learned something new.  She is climbing on every thing.   We had some delicious enchiladas for dinner and then we had a pink-a-licious cupcakes.  Then of course we had to hit the mall on Saturday and ended the day with a nice dinner.  But when we got home we took all the cushions off the couch and built a bridge that Molly had to answer a question before she could cross.  Missy and I were the grumpy old trolls.  Good, good times.

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