Saturday, January 21, 2012

Beauty and the Beast in 3D

While Andrea and friends are in New York having a great time, I picked Gigi up from school on Friday.  We had lunch at Qdoba and then went to see Beauty and the Beast.   It is so amazing.  Gigi loved it.  She said that she is no longer Sleeping Beauty but is now Belle.    She likes to pretend that she is the beautiful girl in whatever show or movie she is watching.   It was great.  And I couldn't believe she wore her 3D glasses most of the movie.

Oh and I wanted to tell you the story of the necklace.  We were changing her clothes from her uniform and she thought that mommy packed her necklace.  I think mommy forgot so we had big tears.  So the only way to fix it was to go pick out a new necklace and this beautiful gem is what she picked out.   She loved it.

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