Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

I had more computer issues but I am up and running again.  I hate that too because now I am far behind in my blogging.  So I'm going to start with Labor Day and work forward.

We spent the weekend at my brothers house.  It is always so nice, comfortable and fun.  We went to Claude's house on Friday evening and had a great Pasta Buffet.   Then we took the evening to catch up and visit with his family and they with ours.  On Saturday, they bought us all tickets to Kings Island.  It was 100% and very hot.  But we had a great time.   Ashley, Addi and I came home a little early but we thought it was time to hit the pool.  We had a great cookout with burgers, hot dogs and brats.  On Sunday the guys golfed and we were going to hang out at the pool but it was very rainy and cloudy so we hit the mall.  Never a bad thing!   That evening we got carry-out from Chipolte's.  Yummy!   Claude and Sara had an event downtown and looked so nice when they left.

 I made them a Scrapbook of the Hilton Head trip.  A small thank you for such a great vacation. 

It was such a nice weekend.  Thanks Claude and Sara for another great time.

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