Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Missy and pillows for the little ones.

We celebrated Missy's birthday in Chicago since we didn't see her on her actual birthday.  Missy turned 36 on July 24th.  I always do 5 birthday week gifts for my girls and the grandbabies so she got to open up those little gifts and her big gift!  What was it?  Shopping money of course.   She also got some beautiful pillows from Andrea and Baron.

I had to do some travel pillows for the babies.  Addi, of course, got a Wiggles pillow.  What is a Wiggles pillow, you ask?  A pillow with purple, blue, yellow and red on it.  Just like the famous Wiggles guys.  The girls got Princess pillows.  And they were all wrapped up with crayons and Wiggles color pages.  You can check out these pillows on my etsy at www.dcarmean.etsy.com.  


  1. What a fun time your family had in Chicago. Love the pillows.