Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Molly

Pretty Molly and her beautiful Mommy

Prince Addi and Princess Gigi

After playing in the sand a fun bath was needed.

Listening to Happy Birthday and waiting patiently to eat her cupcake.

My little sweetie!

Making wands!

Our little man and his best girl.

Look at those eyes.

Tiana, Rapunzel, Belle?

Gigi, Emma, Molly

Here come the Princesses....

We traveled to St. Louis this weekend to celebrate Molly's 4th Birthday. She had a Princess Party at The Magic House. It was so cute with all of Molly's friends decorating crowns and cupcakes. Then it was off to play in the Magic House. My favorite part was the little place that we ate lunch (but my batteries died so I couldn't take pictures) and the new exhibit that was a sandy area where the kids could play in the sand and we could relax. It was a fun day. Happy Birthday Molly.

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