Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Family Christmas

 Mimi and Papa "Santa" came!

 Our Family!
 Molly gets an American Girl
 Our beautiful tree and lots of gifts
 The kids table
 Miss Lainey bug and her big Lolla Loopsy
 The adult table, the guys have reindeer beers and the girls had a Manicure in a jar as their name card
 Andrea and Baron and their gift cards
 Gigi couldn't believe she got a dirt bike
 Nick and Vince got baskets with their favorite drink mixes
 Addi got a set of horns and couldn't wait to get in front of the mirror to watch himself play
 Lainey couldn't wait to put on her new shoes
 After all the presents were opened we played a game of Let's Make a Deal.  Everyone had to perform a stunt or answer a question to pick Door #1 or Door #2.  
 Missy got some help with her activity, hopping on one leg and singing Jingle Bells

Caitlyn got a gift card to buy things for her classroom.  

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  1. We always have the BEST time ever with you guys on Christmas! Thanks for allowing it to be one of the BEST & least stressful parts of our holiday vacation!!! We love you guys so much!!