Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our last night - South Beach

 Pirate Addi and Miss Gigi
 Giving Grandma some love
 Nacho's in a dog bowl from Jakes

 He looks really hot.

 Jake from the Salty Dog
 They were having an Autism fundraiser and we were happy to participate.  Gigi hat a unicorn painted on her face.  
 Molly loves her stuffy's

 Some love from Missy!!!
 Lainey was having fun with G-ma and Molly
 In the past years when Claude and family would come with us, John, Ashley and Evan would always get their picture taken imitating this sign.  So John wanted to honor them by keeping the tradition going.  Gigi and Molly wouldn't do this pose.  They wanted to do their own.  :)

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