Saturday, June 23, 2012

My 2nd week with Gigi

 Playing at the park at Sahms Pool.
 Picnicing at the pool.  I love my new picnic blanket.  It has been fun for the summer.
 For some reason Gigi has decided she doesn't want to read library books anymore.  So I made up this alphabet game.  It worked we got everybook read.
 Noodles at Johnny Carinos.  Gigi loved it.
 This is a terrible picture.  But Gigi and I are making a rag blanket.  She is concentrating hard on how to tie a knot.
 We stopped at Fro Yo's for a treat before meeting Andrea at the mall.
 Gigi is really in to modeling.  These are a few of her poses.

 Gigi and I met Caitlin at Charming Charlies for a jewelry treat.  We loved it.  We tried on lots of pieces.  If only we had more money.
 On Thursday we had a Pajama Party.  We put on our PJ's and watched a few Disney shows.  Then Gigi said we had to jump on the bed and have a pillow fight.  She said that is what you do at a Pajama Party.
 On of our treats.
 Our pillow fight.
On Friday we met my mom in Knightstown to ride the train to Carthage.  Gigi and Mom were so excited.  I saw this conductor's hat at Target and thought it would be so cute for her to wear it.  You can see the response I got.  
 After she took it off she was having a blast.  She didn't want to get off the train.  She loved it.

 Our stop in Carthage for Ice cream.

 To finish the day we stopped to do a little jumping at Monkey Joe's.
 And then she was OUT!!!!
We had another great week.  We really enjoyed our special days of books, swimming, parties, and our first time riding a train with G-ma.  Here are some of the great pictures.

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