Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My dear friend Joey - I love you and Goodbye

I think back when we brought you home as a puppy and you chewed up everything you could find. You ate underwear, socks, twist ties and plastic. You ate so much that you had to have an operation on your stomach. Your X-rays looked like a cartoon so full of stuff. But you came back and were such a sweet fun dog. You loved to go bye-bye. You hated it when we left. You let me dress you up like an angel, a Colts fan, a 500 fan and a bumble bee. You loved to take walks but mostly you loved being wherever we were. You were always right there when one of us was sick. You layed right beside us. If we were upset you were right there being our friend. No matter how much you got in trouble you always gave us unconditional love. But today you went to doggy heaven. I know that you were the angel dog that they have been waiting on. We will miss you so much. With all my love Joey. Goodbye.


  1. We love you Joe. You were a great friend and the whole family will miss you very much.

  2. Bye Joe dog. You gave love and were loved.

  3. Bawling. :-( I will miss him, too.