Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Busy Saturday

Well today was definitely a busy day. When we woke up this morning Molly and I played with some Easter eggs that she found. Then Gigi came over and we took Missy, Andy and Molly to the airport to leave for Disney. Gigi and I went to see her second movie, The Chipmunks. She really liked it while they were singing but she was ready to go right before it was over so we missed the end. But she learned a new song and has sung it since she heard it. The Beyonce song, Shoulda put a ring on it. She likes the Oh Oh Oh part. Then when Gigi went home for her nap, Addi came to Mimi's house for a while. Then we all went to Mom's in New Castle for Pizza King pizza and a celebration of Andrea's upcoming 1000 sale. We had cheesecake and as I promised her Barbie purse. It was a very good day. Lot's of family and you can't ever beat that.

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