Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - Not much going on

Well we had big plans for the weekend but the rain changed that for Sunday. We had plans to go to the Canal and have a picnic and rent a Surrey. But Addi was not feeling well and the rain stopped the picnic at the Canal. So Andrea and Baron and the kids came over for lunch and stayed for a little while. I gave Addi and Gigi some surprises I had bought for them to play with when they are at my house. Addi got a big Wiggles coloring book that he seemed to like. Gigi got a Barbie and a car. She decided to give them a rest in the strainer. I got out a new Barbie comforter that I bought and Gigi really liked laying on it. On Saturday night, I went over to Andrea and Baron's and we went out to dinner. The kids were so funny. We ate at On The Border and had a small accident with some salsa. But the funny story about it was worth the mess. Gotta love those special times.

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