Sunday, August 9, 2009

Spending the day with Gigi

I got to spend the day with Gigi today because Andrea is so busy and needed to sew. Gigi came over this morning and we played outside for a while and then in the "ducky room". Papa blew up a monkey for her and she loved it. We had to take it with us everywhere. Then it was time to go bye bye and do some girl shopping. First stop, Half Price Books to get Gigi, Addi and Molly a book. Then we stopped by Toys R Us for a Barbie buy. Before leaving I made the mistake of letting her ride the Pooh airplane and then leaving was a lot of No's. But not to bad. Then we went to eat at Chili's and she ate some chips and dippy and some chicken strips. Then it was off to Babies R Us to buy a baby shower gift for a friend. I had a wonderfully fun day as I always do when spending the day with the babies. I love you Gigi, Addi and Molly!

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  1. Thank you for spending the day with Gigi. I know she had a great time and loves to see you!